My full body care routine

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to another :routine: post and today’s post is all about body care.

Like our face our body also wants some special care to keep our body glowing and beautiful. That’s why I’m going to share my body care routine with you all.

  • Cleansing

Oh it’s something about cold, right! But don’t use hot water. Hot water can dry your skin. Instead use Luck warm or cold water. Keep your shower short. It can dehydrate your skin as long as you keep in shower.

  • Exfoliation

Most women only scrub their face, but it’s also important to scrub your body. so for this you can make your own scrub. Just mix 1/2 cup sugar with 2 tsp. Olive oil. Scrub your body twice in a week.

  • Nourish

After cleansing and scrubbing our body can look dull for whole day. that’s why you need a body lotion. I recommend you to use parachute advanced deep nourishing body lotion. it’s the best non-greasy formula. But if it’s not suiting your skin then you can apply olive oil.

So girls don’t forget this 3 easy steps. Follow this routine and have a beautiful body.

So for now thank you for reading. I’ll see you next time.

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DIY golden glow facial mask

Welcome back my lovelies! I really wanted to create a post how to get golden glow on face, and tadaa… finally I successfully made the facial mask.
Gram flour, turmeric, rose water, rice flour, honey, milk and multani mitti
How to make:
Take 5 tsp of gram flour – rice flour, 3 tsp of multani mitti, 1 tsp of honey- turmeric, 5 tsp of milk- Rose water. Mix all the ingredients together. Apply this mask on face for 25 minutes and wash with regular cold water.
How often should use:
Use this mask twice in a week for 7 times. Then
continue by using once in a month.
Thank you so much for spending time with me and reading this post!
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2 easy DIY Anti- ageing cream for normal and combination skin

Welcome back my lovelies to my blog! Today I’m going to tell you that how to make your own side effects free Anti ageing cream.

PS- this creams are not for under 28 beauties.

For normal skin


Tea tree oil ( 5 tsp), yogurt (7 and a half tsp), 4 vitamin E capsules/ oil

Products details-

Tea tree oil:

Vitamin E capsules:

How to make-

Mix the tea tree oil and yogurt in a clean bowl. Now add the oil from the vitamin E capsules. Surve the mixture in a clean- dry airtight container.

For combination skin


Rose water ( 6 tsp), glicerin (7 and a half tsp), 3 vitamin E capsules

How to make-

Mix all the ingredients together. And put in a airtight container.

Don’t use this creams after 3 months from manufacturing. Don’t refrigerat them. Always keep in room temperature.

Love, Akshita

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4 amazing uses of lemon

Hello my lovelies! And welcome back to another post. Today I want to tell you 4 best ways to use your juicy lemons 😋

1) Teeth Whitening:

Lemon helps to whiten our teeth because of it’s acid (#not harmful). Mix one teaspoon of salt and 4-5 drops of lemon juice. Add this mixture on your toothpaste when you brush your teeth.

2) Stain remover:

As I have told it has a acid which helps to remove stains. Like teeth you can also use lemon to remove heavy stains from your clothes. Slightly wet your stained cloth and rub a lemon slice on stained area. Then wash it off with detergent.

3) Sun tan:

If you have sun tan on your body apart from face. rub lemon slice on infected area and leave for 10 minutes. Wash your face with luck warm water.

4) lightening elbows/knees:

Cut a lemon in round slices and rub on your knees and elbows. Do it every day.

Thank you so much for reading.



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How to style yourself in different occasions.

Hi friends, this is akshita. Today I’m going to show you how to style yourself in different occasions like party office… etc.

  • For party

If worried about what should I wear for party. Just go for a midi skirt, crop top and a leather jacket. It’ll look classic. Wear high heels as well. Accessories it with punk rings. For makeup and hairstyle, go for waterfall braid. Do cat eye makeup and wear soft pink lipstick. And that’s it:-)

  • For office

If it’s your first day at office then definitely try to impress your boss and staff. Wear something casual. Go for velvet pant as it is winter. Pair up with chiffon shirt and high heel. Make a French braided messy bun. Makeup is the main thing so wear hot red lipstick and nude shade blush. Don’t wear too much accessories, a clip earring is enough. If it’s a sunny day then you can wear a mirror sunglass.

  • For workout

Have you tired with everyday track suit for workout. Then make a new pair. Wear a tank top and skinny short. Accessories it with stud earrings and fur earmuffs ( if you feel comfortable with it). Pair up a leather shoe. Make a beachy ponytail. Wear waterproof mascara, fill your brows lightly and a apply some lip balm.

  • For wedding

So wedding days are coming. Get ready to attend those weddings (😋). Wear an embroidered dress. Accessories with circle earrings, fingered gloves and choker necklace. Don’t wear high heels, go for flat heels. For makeup wear deep coral blush, go for navy and brown eyeshadow, curl your eye lashes and wear glossy lipstick. Make a French twist updo with French braid.

Fashion is all about comfort. So firstly confirm that you’ll feel comfortable with each clothe, then go and give them a try.

Thank you so much guys for reading. Let me know 👇 which outfit is your favourite. Thank you for reading. I love you all. See you next time… bye…😘

Update: my new skin care routine day to night

Welcome back my lovelies, today I want to share with you my new skin care routine. It’s not too much different, only I have changed some products.

Morning routine:
  • Cleansing

You all know that cleansing is necessary. So I’m using the Lakme gentle and soft deep pore cleanser from last one week. it doesn’t dry out my skin. Also it cleanses very well. Just love, love and love 😍

( #After cleansing)
  • Toning

Most of people don’t know what is toning/ toner. So toner is a liquid which prepare our skin to apply moisturizer and that’s called toning. I use the Patanjali Rose water for Toning. Best way to apply toner – take a cotton ball and put a few drops of your toner on it and gently apply on your face.

  • Scrubbing

After using the cleanser use a mild scrub. I’m currently using the lotus Berry scrub. Best for daily use. I recommend you to use this product.

  • Moisturizing

I’m using the same product – Himalaya herbals winter defense Moisturizing cream which I have told you in my first skin care routine :post:

  • Sun protection

Same product- Lakme sun expert with SPF 30

  • Lip balm

I found the Himalaya lip balm in a store and I just in love with this product. Made with all natural ingredients and does not dry out my lips.

  • Cleansing

I have skipped the makeup removing step because this cleanser cleanses all the makeup from my face and safe to use on eyes.

  • Moisturizing

You don’t need to use toner at night. A good moisturizer is enough.#the same product#

Some links:
Check out Lakme Gentle & Deep Pore Cleanser on Nykaa
Check out Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 30 PA++ (Rs.25/-OFF) on Nykaa
Check out Himalaya Herbals Winter Defense Moisturizing Cream on Nykaa
Check out Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm on Nykaa

Take care guys and I’ll see you next time

50 gift ideas for your best friend.

….Hi guys, today I’m going to share with you some gift ideas for your bestest friend. So let’s start it…

For female best friends:

  1. Gloves
  2. Shoulder bag
  3. Fur boots
  4. Massage cream
  5. Lip balm
  6. Toner
  7. Foot massager
  8. Pendant set
  9. Heel ballerina
  10. Bedroom sticker
  11. Watch
  12. Michellar water
  13. Deodorant
  14. Satchel
  15. Jacket
  16. Volumizer
  17. Side table
  18. Kajal pencil
  19. Cycling short
  20. Eye cream
  21. Filing machine
  22. Popper bowl
  23. Bracelet watch
  24. Belt
  25. Office shoe

For male best friend’s

  1. Shoe
  2. Pocket watch
  3. Safety keychain
  4. Robe set
  5. Sun glass
  6. Controller skin
  7. Laptop cover
  8. Leather wallet
  9. Laptop lamp
  10. Black bracelet
  11. Power bank
  12. Letter sign
  13. Slim bowtie
  14. Earbuds
  15. Professional SLR
  16. OLED strap
  17. Phone case
  18. Gaming laptop
  19. Desk light
  20. Drawing book
  21. Mark pen
  22. String lights
  23. Vampire ring
  24. Hologram box
  25. Baseball cap

My favourite makeup brushes

So today I wanna share with you guys my 5 favorite makeup brushes.

  • Foundation brush

Everybody know about this brush. This is a must have brush among all makeup brushes. I have bought it for 700 rupees from nykaa. I love this one because this brush sport a unique, curved handle, which is designed for self-application.

  • Blush brush

I bought it for 2900 rupees ( brand: smashbox). It pairs perfectly with powder cheeks or contour products. I love it’s angled look like a professional brush.

  • Lip brush

This brush is flat and it covers a lot of area in the first round. It’s from colorbar. I bought it for 200 rupees. I use the flat side of the brush to apply lipstick with short strokes, by blending.

  • Eyeshadow brush

It’s from wet n wild. I bought it for 150 rupees. My eyes feels very soft while applying eyeshadow because of it’s synthetic fibres. It’s definitely a must have brush.

  • Cosmetic applicator

It’s not a brush but I want to share this because it’s also my favourite and must have. I use it to apply compact. it has a super velvety texture. I bought it for 150 rupees only.

So lovelies I hope it helps you a lot. If yes then don’t forget to like share and comment below your favourite brushes😉


Something new in my wardrobe

Welcome back to another post. Due to my fever I was unable to post anything, sorry for this 😶. Anyways yesterday I bought some things for my wardrobe, so I want to share them with you.

(Right now I am in my uncle’s house, so I could not add photos of my own things. But I have added that photos from where I ordered)


1) silk romper


I bought it for 9764 rupees. You can wear it on dance functions, beach parties etc. It’s main attraction is it’s ruffled sleeves and tree prints. I’m really happy to have it.🤗

2) Black pant


I bought it for 537 rupees and it’s really affordable. You can wear it on your daily basis. You can wear it on almost all seasons.

3) lace dress


OMG, I have fallen in love with this amazing dress ( lol Hahaha 😂). I bought it for only 311 rupees, unbelievable!!! That’s why I love to Shop from AliExpress. Anyways you can wear it for folk show, interview, dating etc.

4) leather jacket


I bought it for only 1183 rupees. I actually ordered it for a car party. You can also wear it on your daily basis. Everything is really rare and I love the zipper styles.

5) Down coat


I bought it for only 1082 rupees. Best for winters. You will feel really warm with it. But only one cons of it that it’s nylon cover. these will really burst soon.


  1. Shoulder bag ( )
  2. Metal clutch ( )

1) Shoulder bag


I bought it for only 1216 rupees. It has two pompom balls and metallic leaf ( as a key chain). I found it very good quality. The fabric, the handle everything is very perfect. You can take it on a day out.

2) metal clutch


I bought it for 2149 rupees. I ordered it for my car party. Metal is really good. It has two metallic butterflies. You can also take it on vacations.

So ladies this are my new things and I’m really happy with them.

Bye bye…

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Daily skin care routine for dry skin

My daily night time face care routine- for dry skin

Hello my lovelies,

Today I’m going share my secret night time face care routine. Best for dry to normal skin.

1) Remove your makeup properly

Many girls think that washing your face with water or face wash can help to remove your makeup properly, but exactly that’s wrong. Removing your makeup with a good Rose water is important. so never forget this.

2) Washing your face

After removing your makeup, use a good face wash to remove extra oil and dust from your face. Also use face wash for your neck. Wash it off with luck warm water or normal cold water.

3) moisturizing your face

Use a good moisturizer to moisturizing your face. It’s necessary.

You can do this things before going to sleep or at evening.

*Products to use on your night time routine*

1) Dabur Gulabari Rose water

2) Himalaya herbals purifying neem face wash

3) Himalaya herbals winter defense moisturizing cream.

Stay blessed, bye bye…